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I can easily relate to students' struggles and can easily give advice on how to overcome their learning struggles because English is also my second language. Since English a very important communication tool when travelling, doing business or enjoying your hobbies (e.g. watching Hollywood movies or plays, listening to English music), studying English with the right learning attitude and hearing motivating feedback from a teacher will make your learning experience fun and memorable.

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О программе

Topics and activities will be depending on the students' learning goals. For example, a student who wants to study abroad needs to build important language skills so he or she can do well in an English class and be able to talk to students and professors. Another example is a child who is learning English as his or her second or third language will need vocabulary lessons in an exciting and interactive way to keep his or her interest.

  • Benefits and Learning goals
  • At the end of every lesson, student would be able to learn new words which he or she can apply right away. Student will also receive feedback on what he or she has accomplished in the class, and what points he or she should continue doing in order to become confident and spontaneous speaker. I always hope for the student to be able to rally the conversation (e.g. keep the conversation going) and become confident in using what they learned in the class in their future English conversation.
  • How much time should be committed?
  • Each class is for about 40minutes. Depending on the students’ attitude and learning goals, review and the practice of what we have learned in the class in his or her own time will help the student get the most out of each English class.
  • Homework
  • None. If a student requests it, homework can be given.
  • Supplies
  • None. Depending on the topic or activity, I will inform the student in advance about what to prepare for the next class, e.g. for classes that have the topic of Valentine’s Day or Christmas Day, I will ask the student to prepare colouring materials that we will use for an interactive activity.
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