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ESL Pals curriculum provides a high-quality lesson plan from Levels 1 to 3 for children. They also provide curriculums for Adults in Business English, General English and English Grammar.

English teachers across the globe use this curriculum as it has proven to have great results amongst students of all ages. 


Carmen De Bruin Carmen De Bruin
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ESL Pals provide quality and engaging lesson plans. The curriculum covers all the necessary language needed to progress to the next level.

ESL Pals lesson plans for kids are presented as units to ensure that ESL students are exposed to the same topic, vocabulary, and grammar in three consecutive classes to solidify learning and comprehension while giving structure and flow to the ESL kids' English curriculum.

Carmen De Bruin

Carmen De Bruin


Hi my name is Carmen. I am a mother of 3 children. 

I have been a teacher for the last 15 years for children as young a 2 years of age all the way up to age 16. I started my online teaching career in 2021 and love meeting children from all over the globe. 

In my classes I make use of props and TPR. My classes are fun and interactive. 

In my free time I like to read and take long walks on the beach. 

I am very excited to meet you and hope to see you in my class soon. 



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